Terms and conditions.

1. In the performance of this contract the proprietor (bailee) accepts temprary custody of the goods (caravan).

2. In the performance of this contract the owner (bailor) of the goods (caravan) parts temporarily with possession of the goods.

3. All caravans must be secured as per the conditions of the insurance policy in respect of the stored caravan.

4. All personal effects and valuables must be removed from the caravan, and the windows and doors to remain locked during the period on site.

5. In the order of comply with The regulatory Reform (Firs Safety) Order 2005 all gas bottles to be switched off when the caravan is on site. No other noxious, hazardous or explosive substances or preparation are allowed on site .

6. Access to the site is by arrangement between the hours of 8.00am and 8.00pm April - October and 8.00am - 6.00pm November - March. (7.00am with prior arrangements only)

7. All caravans to be parked correctly within the allocated plot.

8. All caravans must be insured and kept insured during the period of storage

9. All caravans and the allocated plot area must be kept tidy and no litter left behind.

10. No trading is permitted from the site, and caravan must not be offered or advertised for sale while on site.

11. Caravans must not be inhabited during the storage period.

12. No major repairs to be carried out on site (minor repairs may be carried out with the permission of the proprietor.

13. The annual or monthly rental is payable in advance, the proprietor has the right to alter the rental by giving due notice to the plot holder.

14. Where the caravan owner terminates the contract prior to the agreed period of 1 month, the proprietor will be entitled to charge for reasonable administration costs resulting from the termination, and for the loss of storage fees until the plot is re-let.

15. In the event of the storage fee being overdue the proprietor may retain possession (lien) until the arrears are settled in full or otherwise discharged. The proprietor undertakes to notify possession by recorded delivery

16. In the event of a negative response to possession, legal action may be taken to sell the caravan via The Torts Interference with Goods Act 1977. The outstanding arrears will be deducted from the proceeds of the sale, as will any reasonable costs incurred. The remaining balance will be retained to await collection. The proprietor will seek to obtain the best price available based on current market values, and notify the owner of the date and place of sale.

17. The proprietor excludes all liability caused by Vermin Infestation, a recognised vermin control regime is in place and is monitored regularly.

18. In the performance of this agreement the proprietor will be at times act with due diligence in providing a fit and proper place for the storage of the goods (caravan).

19. Periodic checks may be made on the identity of all caravans stored on the site.

20. The proprietor excludes all liability for loss or damage where the means employed are in excess of the duty of due diligence.

21. Where it appears that a caravan has been brought into the storage site for the purpose of abandoning it, the proprietor may arrange disposal of the caravan via the provisions of Refuse Disposal (Amenity) Act 1978 as amended and any costs incurred will be recovered from the person who brought the caravan into the storage site.

22. Any changes to the details provided by the plot holder in this agreement to be notified to the proprietor without undue delay.

23. No driving on the grass verges.

24. Strict 10 MPH speed limit.

25. All Dogs must be kept on a lead and no fouling.

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